Our residency program is focused on accommodating and nurturing artists, writers and athletes with direct or indirect links or interests in the Caribbean. Collaboration and conversation are the guiding principles of the program and the selection process is based on candidates with proposals that most powerfully or creatively engage with the local environment or heritage of islands. Synergy is the most important selection criteria as our most exciting collaborations spark from simple conversations, so we encourage interested artists to reach out directly to


Our suites feature a unique collection of works and the estate is home to growing of works that reflect the heritage of the Caribbean and local environment. Our commissioning program is an ongoing labour of love to commission works that will engage audiences to think differently about the region. Palm Heights also hosts an ongoing residency program.


Food is the heart of Palm Heights. Sharing food is the most participatory activity we indulge in on a daily basis and culinary collaborations are the lifeblood of the estate. Spearheaded by Gerardo Gonzalez, our food program features permanent dining spaces including Tillies led by Chef Jake Brodsky and The Coconut Club featuring Dr Aris Latham as well as collaborative residency projects with an esoteric mix of chefs, artists, food scientists, designers and academics.


Palm Heights library is a literary collection that reflects the spirit of the Caribbean Beach Estate. The library features over 2,000 titles from the mid century to present day spanning 1st editions, philosophy, history, design, art, culture, biography, business, regional ephemera, literature and history, fiction, wellness and magazines featuring iconic references or noteworthy periods of culture. Resident artists at the property are also invited to make recommendations to the ever growing collection. Guests and local members can also borrow titles and titles are available to purchase locally and online.


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