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The Palm Heights Sun-Fired Juice Feast

The newly launched Palm Heights Sun-Fired Juice Feast is a programme designed through the understanding of fruits and vegetables and the roles they play in our bodies.

The juice detox made up of whole plants, fruit and vegetables, includes shots, boosts, and elixirs- all locally sourced. 

Fruits & vegetables

During the Sun-Fired Juice Feast, fruit juices are consumed in the morning. This is the time of day when the body is in the elimination phase. Fruits support and rebuild our system by providing the body with the additional energy it needs to awaken from rest from the night before.

Vegetables in the the Sun-Fired Juice Feasts are scheduled mid-day. We choose this time of day because the body is no longer rebuilding as it does in the earlier part of the day and can focus all its energy on processing nutrients.

Due to the low sugar content in vegetables, they are easily without question, the smart food to choose for our bodies and minds going into the evening when our bodies begin to wind down again.


hand filtration

Our hand filtration technique is what sets our juice feast apart from a traditional juice cleanse.

Because heat destroys enzymes, enzymes that are crucial for aiding our bodies digestion, cold pressing is the only method for our bodies to absorb nutrients much more quickly and efficiently.

Our pulp extraction method does the work for the body and preserves the energy it would need to break down whole fruits or vegetables. By doing part of the digestion work for the body and harnessing its energy, the body is able to be agile with its energy distribution.

With the hand filtration method the body can digest  juice in 10-15 minutes. Making this method the only method that creates space for the body to hold the most juice possible within a 24 hour period.


For booking and pricing information please email