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 New Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Sun and Moon don’t like to play in the shallow waters. They dive deep wanting to explore textures, colours and fear not going into the unknown. This new moon is calling you to seek out spaces where you can have real conversations and share real experiences. This new moon is asking what really matters to you. If it’s fake, it won’t last.

Thursday 4th November at 6pm on the Wellness Rooftop

New Moon in Sagittarius & Total Solar Eclipse

Action-oriented energy is high around this new moon. But where do you want to go? The Sagittarius Sun and Moon are focused here on how we can grow further than our wildest dreams. With the help of the partial eclipse, new information may come light and we’re seeing more of the big picture. We’re aiming high and going further than we’ve ever gone before.

Friday 19th November at 6pm on the Wellness Rooftop

For more information and to reserve your spot, email: