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New Moon in Cancer – Comfort

The emotional energy of the Moon and Sun in Cancer is a wonderful time for deep reflection and emotional release. Cancer encourages us to crack our hearts open and process what comes forth especially acknowledging past pain that we’ve held on to. This moon wants to give birth to a nurturing future where we are all loved just as we are.

Friday 9th July at 6:30pm on our Wellness Roof Top


Full Moon in Aquarius – Freedom

As the cooperative Aquarius Moon opposes the individualistic Leo Sun we find strength in the healing that arises from seeing our life as something greater than ourselves. This energy encourages us to embrace how living out our ideas brings benefit to all. We raise each other up by expressing our own truth – what we were born to offer the world. There is space for shame or playing small in this energy, it dissipates in the light of the moon.

Friday 23rd July at 6:30pm on our Wellness Roof Top



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