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Ocean Immersion – Beginner Level

Retreat led by Bryan Mineo


The Swim Mechanic Bryan Mineo leads this innovative and intuitive course of sessions to break down any barriers people may have with open water. Using the mind and breath Bryan has lead life-changing swim experiences on Palm Height’s Seven Mile Beach this past spring and he is back in June and passionate as ever to help overcome fears in the ocean. Bryan’s greatest passion is sharing the experience of the ocean with others, helping them to find comfort and confidence in the water.


What does it include?

Day 1 – 4pm – Understanding the ocean and how to be in it safely and calmly.

Day 2 – 4pm – Breathing techniques to relax in-water.

Breath is not only the foundation of life it’s the foundation to swimming.

Learn how to breath rhythmically so you can easy through your swim.

Day 3 – 4pm – How to work with the water rather than against it.

Day 4 – 4pm – Floating.

Day 5 – 4pm – Exploring above and below the water.


Two Camps: 7th -11th June and 14th -18th June

Please email for more information.